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Heater Repair in Burbank Tips

Winter is finally here in Los Angeles and it is cold! Thank goodness for the invention of heating. Right? As far as winter goes, it’s the greatest invention ever!

Hooray! Well, you should be cheering for the heating, but if your heater needs to be repaired, you are probably freezing and very uncomfortable. If you’re leaving in Burbank, you already now it’s gets colder there than anywhere in Los Angeles, especially if you live in the Burbank Hills.

What you need is a company that does heater repair in Burbank. A company that has been around for a few years and knows what their doing. What company is this? Fairfax Heating and Air Conditioning!

We would love to serve you. Your HVAC system could be experiencing many problems and we want to make sure we give you the best tips on what to do, so if you need help, you can give us a call for the assist.

Here is a list of common problems…

Heater Repair in Burbank Tips

Terrible or weird odors. If you’re smelling weird odors or even gas, you have a problem.

You may have a carbon monoxide problem and that’s not good. Make sure you have a functioning carbon monoxide detector. You’ll be able to know right away.

The heater doesn’t turn on or blow heat. Obviously something is wrong. Probably the easiest sign. This is a thermostat issue most of the time. You can change it out, but you may still have issues. This would be the best time to call a company that does heater repair in Burbank. Call us. Hint…hint.

Strange noisy or very annoying noises. A squeaking heater that rumbles throughout the day is definitely not normal. Most of the time when you hear these noises it’s because the heater is breaking down. If your heater is fairly new, the burner is probably clogged or the airflow is being restricted. If you can’t tell, contact us.

Well, that’s a few tips we have on repairing your heating system. Like we’ve said throughout this article, if you need help, let us know.

Fairfax Heating and Air Conditioning in Burbank provides heater repair in Burbank, SFV and other cities throughout Los Angeles. Feel free to visit us at: 2212 W Burbank Blvd, Burbank, CA 91506

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