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AC Repair in WeHo

Summer is right around the corner in West Hollywood! We can’t wait! There are so many cool things to do when it gets warm. Countless!

Just to name a few things… you got the Dodger games, concert series at Santa Monica pier, the rooftop pool parties, the food and wine festivals, yacht parties and more! It’s fun living in Los Angeles!

West Hollywood on the other hand has the clubs parties, the parades and street festivals. What is there not to like?

Actually, there are a few things not to like. When it gets warm and you don’t have air conditioning, it kinda sucks. Not only does it suck, be it sucks really bad.

When there is no air conditioning when it’s hot outside, it’s hard to sleep, you sweat like a pig and it’s not very comfortable. Yikes! That’s not cool at all and it’s definitely not the West Hollywood we want to know and love.

The last thing you need is AC repair in WeHo. There are a lot of things you can do to prevent a breakdown of your AC system in WeHo system.

You should do a routine check every day before it gets hot. If you need help with that, Fairfax Heating & Air Conditioning would love to help you!

Now, before we help you, we want you to contribute and do your part. We want to make sure you are aware of how the ac system works and why you would need to replace it or upgrade it.

So, we are going to teach you a few things to help you out.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

AC Repair in WeHo FYI

 To replace my AC system, how much does it cost? To be honest with you, if you are going to replace your air conditioning system, it’s not going to be cheap. It will definitely cost you a pretty penny or two, but you must get it right. And that is what we care about at Fairfax Heating and Air Conditioning. The price is all based on how bad you need it. However, on average it would cost $3K – $10K. Please consult with us first.

Should I replace my air conditioning in WeHo or repair it. It’s really hard to tell if you’re not an expert at HVAC repair in WeHo. For the most part though, if it’s old, replace your system. If the system is pretty new, AC repair in WeHo would be a more affordable option.

Should I invest in a programmable thermostat? Well, it definitely wouldn’t hurt. If you need to choose one, we wrote about a Nest programmable thermostat in one of our blogs. Start there. It will help you with preventative AC repair in Weho. Not only that, but you can see a 20% – 30% savings on your energy bill.

That’s all the tips we for now. We will have more for you, soon.

Fairfax Heating & Air Conditioning provides AC repair in WeHo and serves other cities in Los Angeles, CA

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